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Welcome to! brought to you by the basketball goal experts at Pro Dunk Hoops! NBA History your best source of NBA history and information on the web. is part of the NBAHoopsOnline and NBABoards Family, that is why you will see similar things on all three websites. but's sole purpose is to provide you with the best NBA stats, facts and histories possible.
Top 10 NBA Draft Bust
Who are they? you may be surprised to see who made the list.
Good Bye Reggie Miller
Reggie Miller played his last game last night, here is a fitting tribute to the former All-star.
NBA Needs Downsizing
a short breif history of NBA expansion.
History of the slam dunk
This is an awesome article about the evolution of the slam dunk. its a must read.
Lusia Harris
Many people do not realize that long before there was the WNBA, there was a woman who attempted to join the ranks of professional basketball.
1970-71 Champion Bucks team.
Milwaukee took the 1970-71 NBA championship by playing phenomenal basketball. It all started when the Bucks made an off season move to trade Flynn Robinson and Charlie Paulk to the Cincinnati Royals in return for guard Oscar "The Big O" Robertson
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    NBA Commissioners and Presidents
    Maurice Podoloff......... 194663 President 
    Walter Kennedy........... 196367 President 
    Walter Kennedy........... 1967-75 Commissioner 
    Larry O'Brien............ 197584 Commissioner 
    David Stern.............. 1984   Commissioner

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